We bring people closer to knowledge in one single solution., Set up your remote team faster and more efficiently., ColabTalk, streamline your meetings, speeding them up and collaborating., Identify result-driven content easily., ColabaFlow, organize your collaborators’ action flow., Find what you are looking for using smart search., ColabPlay, constantly update your team via microlearnings., We help you manage your business decisions or projects.

What is Colaborativa?

Colaborativa is a platform that enables you to gather, in a single place, your business knowledge, as digital files, customer service scripts, training or communications material with collaborators. Access to this knowledge is through an easy and intuitive search. A.I and Machine Learning analyze the search behavior so as the most relevant content comes first.


Nowadays, companies have been drowning in data. Digital transformation has multiplied the information exponentially. Fragmented by many different systems, this data becomes useless. Intranets, ERP, CRM, websites, e-learnings flood corporations with files that are impossible to find due to the absence of a strategic management plan, integrating information and allowing users to find the information accurately.


Colaborativa is a knowledge builder tool, integrating all this information into a simple, user-friendly and easy to use multiplatform interface. Through semantic analysis and machine learning, we extract and organize information, giving meaning and relevance and eliminating data that is no longer in use. We provide that all communication channels and strategic training of your company work in harmony, creating a unique and powerful network of knowledge and relationship with your employees.

Pot of gold

• Answers any question in precisely one second.
• Increases understanding of the information within the corporation.
• Shows how the user relates to the content.
• Allows correction of any information, standard, guidance, in real time.
• Publishes on multiplatforms.
• Everything in the palm of the hand: responsive and can be viewed through smartphones, desktop, tablets
• Allows sharing with corporate TV, newsletters, social networks and any external system.


a feature that stores and enables quick access to an organization knowledge base. Its interface ressembles a social networking, making it easier for the ones who are used to it; no training is required.

is formed by algorithms responsible for providing users with knowledge through a semantic search that can be used in all legacy base within Colab suite or external servises APIs (sites, Erps and proprietary systems).

is an e-learning feature which enables users to recycle their knowledge in no time. Makes training a continuous construction, fast and easy to understand.

built for remote work, it is the best place for meetings. The platform enables hosts to costumize content and users interactions during presentation. It also enables you to give a course or trainnings.

through easy to understand graphics it is possible to manage project requests, spread and follow them in one single place, helping definitions and workflow throughout negociations.

an environment wheredecision-making polling takes place, creating feedback and market forms to fill in. It is intuitive, able to costumize and perfectly suits the format you need.

transfer, share and store files following strict security controls (two-factor authentication and antivirus, for instance). Could be used in any Colaborativa suite or just for download.

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